Imran Khan's wife Bushra whom some people call Baysharam (shameless) Bushra, has been acting strangely in recent days. Confined to her husband's palace in Bani Gala to serve a jail sentence, she claims that she's being slowly poisoned by her government appointed guards. It was she who persuaded the government into keeping her at the house, as she didn't want to go to jail, but after her jailed party workers protested, she wants to serve her sentence in Adiala jail (where her husband is living in luxurious surroundings). 

The government got her examined by doctors who found nothing physically wrong with her. The day before yesterday, after all her medical reports were found to be normal, she complained of pain in her stomach, so the government again sent three lady physicians who examined her and advised her to change her eating habits. 

I, however, believe that she's trying to fool the government to send her to where her friend Fara Gogi has gone after taking the looted jewelry and cash accumulated by Bushra. Either that, or Bushra is suffering from severe depression, caused by anxiety and worrying that Fara will refuse to hand the looted money back to her. 

I hope the courts don't fall into the trap to let her go. But considering that Imran Khan has so far managed to "convince" senior judges, anything is possible.