Finally, Iran retaliated after Israel's killing of its general and others in its embassy in Damascus. It sent three hundred drones and missiles from its own territory to Israel. Bu most of the projectiles were shot down before landing in Israel (the Jordanian Air Force played a major role in this).

But new details emerging after the attack suggest that it was more of a face-saving exercise by Iran (abetted by the US). The fact that Iran informed the US before launching the missiles proves this. As the US (and therefore Israel) knew about the attack just before it happened, they were ready with their anti-missile system and neutralized most of the drones and missiles before any damage could be done. Ironically, the only casualty was a Muslim girl, who was seriously injured. There was some damage to a military base, but it was insignificant.

Did Iran get any benefit from its so-called attack? None, as far as I can discern. But Israel is the real beneficiary. Now the attention of the world has been diverted from Gaza, where Israel can go on killing Palestinian children. As expected, the West criticized Iran severely, even though they said nothing when Israel killed the Iranians in Damascus.

The US and Israel also now know that their anti-missile defense system is near-perfect. It increasingly appears that Iran was trapped by the US into attacking Israel.