In 2005 I went to Saudi Arabia for performing Haj with my wife and daughter. We wanted to see the huge cemetery outside Madina where some Muslims had been killed in the early days of Islam, But the Pakistani bus driver prevented my wife and daughter from going there, as Islam didn't allow it. At the gate of the cemetery was a huge signboard with a saying from the Prophet (pbuh) according to which women are allowed to visit graveyards. I went back to the Pakistani bus driver and told him about it. His response was that it was not true and that Arabs don't know the real Islam.

An imam of a mosque in DHA said the other day that women are not allowed to pray in mosques as it is against the teachings of Islam. Apparently he's never been to Saudi Arabia, where women pray in practically every mosque.

I have heard from other deeply religious men that women are responsible for all the world's problems, like floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters. But I can't understand how they have reached such conclusions. Such people are convinced that women should not be allowed to go out of their houses (unless it's absolutely necessary, like rushing to a hospital for delivery of their babies). Until recently, Saudi scholars were propagating that those women driving cars would suffer from all kinds of diseases, including cancer. Which is why women were not allowed to drive cars until recently.

The question remains: why do they hate women so much?