Two recent events have shattered the illusion that the UAE is a modern, efficient state. The first was the Iranian drone and missile attack on Israel, the other was the recent flooding of streets after heavy rains.

After the Iranian strike, flights to and from the UAE were affected. The residents were panic-stricken and spent sleepless nights. In an all-out war between Israel and Iran, the UAE would be the most affected nation, being Iran's close neighbor and having a large population of Iranians. 

The recent heavy rains also proved that the UAE is unprepared for emergencies. Every road and almost every building in the emirates was flooded, with more than knee-deep water everywhere. The country had to close down for three or four days, and Dubai airport is still not fully functional. The Emirates and FlyDubai airlines dumped their passengers in nearby airports and did not give them water or food for many hours. Dubai police also beat up many passengers who protested.

The question arises: will the UAE successfully cope when a war breaks out in the region? I doubt it. At the first landing of a missile in the country, people will rush to airports and the nearest borders, desperately trying to leave the country.