Cousin marriages have been so common among Pakistani and Indian Muslims that most of them are morons. I refer particularly to my own community (Memons) who not only look like morons but also behave like imbeciles. They are the ones who suffer from the delusion that marriages to first cousins ensure the purity of race, besides of course ensuring that there are no property disputes in the family.

Last night, after a very long time (due to Covid), I went to a wedding dinner. Since it was held at an air force base, the dinner was served at 10:30 p.m., which is an hour earlier than what most Memons are accustomed to. But the way heavily bearded and corpulent Memons attacked the food, one would have thought it was their last food before dying. Contemptuously ignoring the queue in which I stood, they pushed people in the queue aside and stuck their hands into the plates. I glared at such a one, but it had no effect. He told the man ahead of me, "Give me five of those fish and two of those rotis". Really, I think Memons are headed for extinction, the way they crave food and refuse to exercise.

I am reading about the Moghuls nowadays (I'm on the fourth book on the subject). I found that besides marrying cousins, they also took wives from other communities, even Hindus. Perhaps this is why there are a few Pakistani and Indian Muslims who can be called intelligent. Some have even become presidents of India, and there are some intelligent ones working in western countries. Let's hope such Muslims multiply.