It looks like we are in deeper trouble than we ever imagined. This is a Whattsapp message sent to the country's media personnel to print or broadcast sent by you-know-who:

“… Lt Gen (Retired) Asim Saleem Bajwa has decided to resign from appointment of Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM) While discussing the issue you are requested to incorporate /highlight following aspects in your transmission for correct public perception.

• Excellent precidence; on allegations resiging and presenting before the law.
• Such precedence reflects the change and is must for ensuring equality before law.
• Whereas politicians / even judges take refuge of technicalities / system and get into counter allegations instead of answering for their deeds.
• The precedence has set an example to follow by others. If followed by elite of Pakistan, our moral standards would get in line with our religious ethos.
• Actions are louder than words. No political rhetorics but practical manifestation.
• Reflect the fabric and high moral standards of mother institution AFs.
• On the other side, even convicted and percieved to be corrupt / dishonest defame accountability processess / institutions and even take mob to attack on institutions.
Long live Pakistan”
It's frightening to think that this state institution can't find anyone to write in clear English. 
It's also obvious that the media in Pakistan is supposed to toe the line of those who rule over the country. In this respect, we're no better than North Korea, so why do we pretend to be a democracy?
In the days to come, we should expect more journalists to be picked up and beaten or tortured to death, to coerce into submission those who wish to point out the crimes of the rulers. Imran Khan will continue saying that the media in Pakistan is more free than in the UK, but how will he explain the detention without trial for more than six months of a media owner? Is this kind of thing common in the Western world?
I was talking to an Imran lover yesterday. A typical Punjabi, he refused to believe that his idol is corrupt. But when I pointed out the recent scandal by his advisor and how he condoned it, he shrugged and said, "It happens in all countries". There is no hope for Pakistan.