It looks more and more likely that humans are headed towards extinction. Perhaps in a couple of hundred years, only a few humans will be found scattered in forests and mountains (if they have managed to survive, that is). Civilization is going to end, the inevitable result of two centuries of men abusing the earth by using fossil fuels. The  question arises, didn't the Creator know that humans would destroy the earth? Or is the current pandemic nature's warning that humans should start taking steps to save the earth and stop fouling up the atmosphere?

When nuclear bombs were dropped on Japan, people knew that life on earth could end if some madman let loose a barrage of missiles laden with atomic bombs on thickly populated cities. For seventy five years we have been living in the shadow of death by nuclear destruction. Now it's global warming that threatens us. If humans are to survive, they will have to stop burning fossil fuels and start using renewable sources of energy like hydro-power, wind power and solar energy, which presently are much more expensive than fossil fuels. It will be many decades before men are able to end their dependence on fossil fuels, and I hope this Covid pandemic has made people in rich countries decide to conserve energy. But knowing that most people are incredibly stupid, I doubt if Americans like Trump will ever see reason. 

Perhaps it's good that this pandemic has struck at this time. If it reduces the earth's population by a fourth, maybe the planet will get a new lease of life.