I wonder if Jinnah really believed what he said that day on August 11, 1947 (three days before independence). He was in failing health and he would make a major blunder later, when he told a huge crowd of Bengalis in Dhaka that Urdu would be the state language. So I doubt if he really meant that there would be no discrimination in the new state, that Muslims would cease to be Muslims and Hindus would cease to be Hindus, etc. It was simply not possible, it was like a dream. We know that even Muslims of one sect cannot tolerate those of another sect, so how could Hindus and Christians be accepted as equal citizens in such an environment?

Let's see how his speech has been translated or interpreted:

"You are free, you’re free to kill anyone you want. You are free, free to rape all women working in your fields. You are free to loot and plunder. You are free to buy junk equipment and expired drugs for hospitals from a company owned by a relative of a minister. You are free to defy the government’s order to maintain a six feet distance from others when praying in the mosque".

I could write much more, but I'm already sick due to the lock down.