In our family, before chicken meat became affordable, we ate only the meat of goats. I never got around to asking my father and uncles why we never ate beef (which was much cheaper, costing only half as much). Perhaps it may have had something to do with the fact that eating beef was not banned in Gujarat (India) before they migrated to Pakistan. For many years, chicken meat was more expensive than both beef and goat meat. Nowadays it's quite cheap (slightly more than a third of the cost of goat meat, which is twice as expensive as beef). So we consume tasteless chicken meat every day, and often I've wished we could eat goat meat more. 

But now it seems that we may have to give up animal meat altogether. I read today about how calves are ripped from the wombs of cows and the terrible conditions in which cows are kept and injected with harmful steroids to make them produce more milk. Ultimately all the bad stuff damages our bodies, leading to coronary and other diseases. 

The rampant corona virus spread from a meat market, whereas other viruses came from poultry farms. The question arises, do we need to eat so much animal protein? One misconception among our people is that those who don't eat meat (like most Indians) are usually the kind of people who cannot fight in wars. This is not true, as history has shown.

We should cut down on consumption of meat to become healthier. But then, how can we convince our meat eating population to stop eating meat (or even eat less meat?). Only if we tell them that the corona virus will make them infertile if they continue eating meat!