In 2007-8, I sold all the shares I had, and luckily for me, the market went into recession shortly afterward. I didn't know this would happen, I sold because I needed the money to pay for the apartment I'm now living in. After that I've never speculated, nor have I bought any shares for holding on a long-term basis. 

For those who think they can get rich overnight by investing or speculating in shares, they should realize that making money in the stock market is very tough. There is a big chance that they will lose most of what they've invested.

The brilliant trader and investor Bernard Baruch put it well when he said, “If you are ready to give up everything else and study the whole history and background of the market and all principal companies whose stocks are on the board as carefully as a medical student studies anatomy—if you can do all that and in addition you have the cool nerves of a gambler, the sixth sense of a clairvoyant and the courage of a lion, you have a ghost of a chance.” 

And if you live in Pakistan, it's wise not to invest in property either. Most projects take a very long time to reach fruition, and cost three times as much as planned. It's better to buy prize bonds.