An Indian woman (with the help of two men) chopped off the genitals of a much younger man who had been harassing her. Well, not harassing, he was actually in love with her, even though he is almost ten years younger (and she is the mother of two). He actually told her husband that he wanted to marry her, which led to friction between the husband and his wife. The poor victim will never be able to have children, which at least is good for India, as it means at least six less hungry Indians in future!

I remember a similar incident in Pakistan many years ago, in the 1960's. In that case, the man wanted to marry a woman of another caste, and since the woman didn't like him at all, marriage was impossible. When he persisted so much that she couldn't tolerate it any longer, she asked him to accompany her to some bushes in the fields nearby. He eagerly followed, thinking what every healthy male does in such a situation. She persuaded him to take off his pants, then cut off his penis with a knife. I'll never forget the headline in the English newspaper which printed the news item. It was "Marriage problem solved!"