Oil tankers
The whole country was paralyzed on only the third day of the recent oil tanker owners’ strike, and the government was forced to bend over backwards to make the men agree to resume oil supplies. The first question that comes to mind is, why don’t the petroleum marketing companies have adequate fleets of tankers?
Secondly, our petrol pumps ran dry just two days after the supplies were stopped, so we can imagine the situation if there is a war or floods. The tanker mafia, moreover, raised more demands when they saw that their strike was having the desired effect. This means, in effect, that they can force the government to accept all their demands, including non-payment of all taxes.
Surely it’s time for the government to do something, rather than wait for the next strike to bring the country to a standstill. For a start, they should  compel the oil marketeers to have an adequate number of tankers, and to increase the storage capacity of the existing retail outlets, as well as increase the number of petrol pumps.
Shakir Lakhani,
The Friday Times, August 18, 2017