Facilitating corruption

Sir: Our government is the only one in the world that actually encourages tax evasion. If you have millions in black money and want to buy a house, no problem; just send the money abroad through havala merchants and get it remitted to your local bank account, no questions asked. If you are a smuggler or a seller of smuggled goods, the government dare not take any action against you because it will create a law and order problem, even if local factories collapse and thousands of people become jobless.
Rs 40,000 and Rs 25,000 prize bonds, being instantly convertible to cash, facilitate bribery and corruption. Holders of these bonds should provide their CNIC numbers to the government. They should not be allowed to sell these bonds in the open market and they should be compelled to surrender these bonds to banks if they need the cash.
The Rs 5,000 note should be withdrawn from circulation, because this is another tool used in the payment of bribes. In India, the largest bank note is of Rs 500. To prevent under-invoicing of goods imported from China, the Chinese Customs Department should inform our customs of the value of every consignment exported to Pakistan. Importers indulging in under-invoicing will then be compelled to declare the actual value of their consignments, which will substantially increase government revenue.

Printed in Daily Times, June 11, 2015