Bara markets and govt

This is apropos the news item "No plan to close down Bara markets: Dar" (May 14). According to the minister, the government is helpless before sellers of smuggled goods and cannot take any action against shopkeepers of Bara markets like Karkhano Bazaar in Peshawer. May I remind him that the Quaid at the time of independence said that the first duty of every government is to maintain law and order. If this government cannot arrest people indulging in smuggling and selling smuggled goods, how will it be able to contain terrorism? How will it recover taxes from those who refuse to get themselves registered with the income tax and sales tax departments?  Since this government is so weak that it cannot enforce its writ, it should step down immediately and its ministers should not be allowed to contest future elections.

Shakir Lakhani
 Printed in DAWN, May 16, 2015