The drowning

This refers to your editorial, ‘The drowning’ (August 1). It should now be clear that the only thing the Sindh (non) government is interested in is to enrich its ministers and their cronies by any means, instead of working to alleviate the problems of the people of Karachi (who contribute most of its Rs680 billion budget).
I suggest that the concerned minister be charged with dereliction of duty. That would at least  make these criminals aware of their responsibilities to the taxpayers. And they should give at least Rs1 million instead of the pittance (Rs200,000) they've offered to the victims’ families, This is more important than wasting money in buying junk equipment for the police from suppliers who are known to be close to members of the ruling clique.

Shakir Lakhani Karachi
Printed in The News, August 4, 2014