The houses that Jinnah built

Sir: This is with reference to the article “The houses that Jinnah built” (Daily Times, June 17, 2014), Dr Ishtiaq Ahmed says, “It is possible that Jinnah simply dissociated himself from Ismailism without formally abjuring that creed.” The fact is that the followers of the Aga Khan were bound to marry within the community. Any Aga Khani Ismaili marrying a non-member of the sect was expelled (even though the Quaid was a good friend of the then Aga Khan, who was incidentally the first president of the All-India Muslim League). Mr Jinnah was then invited by both Sunni Khojas as well as the Khoja Ishna Asharis to join them. For reasons best known to Jinnah, he chose the latter community.

Printed in Daily Times, July 5, 2014