A pir and his statements

Sir:  A pir (spiritual leader) has surfaced, claiming that he is the one who ensured that Mr Zardari would complete five years as president and that the PPP would form the government in Sindh. If what he says is true, it would appear that Mr Zardari asked him only to ensure that he would complete his five years as president and for the PPP to form the next government in Sindh. I may be wrong but this does not sound like Mr Zardari. I believe that Mr Zardari not only wanted to have five more years as president but also for his party to sweep both national and provincial elections. The pir (Muhammad Ejaz) must think we are all morons (like his followers) when he says, “He would now do something so that the president could stay in office for two more years.” Why two years? Why not another five years? Finally, by saying that “Nawaz Sharif will face no danger if he keeps doing the right things”, does he mean that he should be Nawaz’s pir as well? Seeing that the PML-N did so well in the recent elections, I would say that Nawaz Sharif’s pir (if he has one) did much better than Muhammad Ejaz.

Printed in Daily Times, June 8, 2013