Chlorination dilemma

With reference to the news item "Chlorination dilemma: officials weigh options" (June 13), it has been conclusively proved that adding even small amounts of chlorine to water can result in cancer, stroke and heart disease over a long period of time. Short term health problems like skin and eye diseases are also very likely, as stated in the news item. The recommended ratio of chlorine to water is 2 parts per million, but in the DHA apartment complex I live in, a very high amount of chlorine is added (perhaps more than 20 times the recommended amount). As a result, it is sometimes impossible to drink or bathe in this highly chlorinated water. Unfortunately it is futile to point this out to the management, because they have been told to do so by their superiors. The authorities should consider other options (like hydrogen peroxide) to remove germs from water.

Printed in DAWN Metropolitan, June 24, 2013