Cogen plant

This is with reference to the news item "NEPRA begins hearing on DHA Cogen plant rehabilitation" (DAWN Metropolitan, November 29). This plant was originally meant for desalination of sea-water and electricity was supposed to be a by-product. Although 115 million dollars were spent on this project, its failure to function has raised the cost to double that amount owing to bank interest (all of which will be borne by the DHA). Instead of taking to task those responsible for buying junk machinery, there is now talk of spending another 51.50 million dollars on it. In the meantime, DHA residents like myself will continue paying about Rs. 5,000 every month for water tankers. Before spending more money on it, the authorities should first ensure that the plant is viable and can desalinate water for a reasonable cost.

Published in DAWN (Metropolitan), December 10, 2012