A couple of days before the scandal about the Chief Justice's son broke out, two people told me that the CJ is not as honest as he seems and he too could be corrupt. I laughed. You're wrong, I said, if he was corrupt, he wouldn't be taking action against our ruling elite. I gave them examples of Thomas Becket and Sir Thomas Moore, both honest and upright men who stood up to their kings and had to pay with their lives for being incorruptible. In fact, I reminded them of what I had written when the CJ had been sacked by General Musharraf. I had predicted, "In future, Musharraf will be remembered only as Pakistan's military dictator in the days when Iftikhar Choudhry was the Chief Justice of Pakistan." Even now, with his son embroiled in controversy, I'm certain that the CJ has nothing to do with the scandal. Of course, people will ask why he did not wonder how his son was able to go on foreign trips with his wife and kids, but even I do not exactly know what my son does for a living, except that his business has to do something with computers. We now have to wait and see how the trial of the CJ's son turns out: if the man really took money to bribe judges, he (and those who gave him the money for this purpose) should be convicted. This will strengthen our judiciary and perhaps those who have been habitually looting the country in the past will stop doing so.