Why remake Pakistan?

In his article, ‘Why remake Pakistan?’ (Jan 14) Ameer Bhutto says, “Besides, if administrative efficiency is the only concern, then smaller administrative units already exist in the form of divisions and districts. All that is needed is to enhance their authority and further empower the existing system of local government”. This is exactly what Pakistan needs. Either divide the whole country into 27 provinces (each division being a province), or give the divisions more authority and empower the system of local government.

But then, our present feudal rulers do not want this. They want to keep the power to decide how to spend the taxes paid by the people, while at the same time exempting themselves from paying taxes. As long as there is taxation without proper representation, there will be no progress. Switzerland, with a population half that of Karachi, has 22 provinces, each with the maximum degree of autonomy. As a result, Switzerland is one of the best-governed countries on the planet.

Shakir Lakhani
Published in The News, January 17, 2012