Karachi DHA affairs

I have long been convinced that there are government officials whose only job is to find new ways of wasting our tax money. Take Karachi’s DHA, for instance. Here, for the past week, road dividers on many roads are being demolished and new ones are being built to replace them.
I have tried hard to find why this is necessary. There is nothing wrong with the existing dividers, except perhaps they require fresh paint. Yet a lot of money is being spent on breaking and replacing them.
The irony is that there are no dividers on many DHA roads. The portion of Khayaban-i-Shaheen in Phase VIII, for instance, urgently needs dividers to prevent more head-on collisions (there is at least one every fortnight). Only a really horrible accident involving some VVIP’s relatives will persuade the DHA to spend money where it is really needed.

Published in DAWN, December 22,2011