He was the man who was instrumental in breaking up the country, yet he is loved by millions of Pakistanis who live in his home province. He nationalized banking, insurance, industry and education and ruined the country's economy. Ye his followers think he was a saint, and I have no doubt that the illiterate men and women who throng his tomb think he was a prophet. The fact is, he was a born crook whose only aim was to stick to power at all costs. If he had not been so intransigent and had accepted Mujeebur Rahman as the prime minister, the country would have remained united. In fact, all our troubles today are due to the actions of the autocratic Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, who fully deserved to be hanged many times. I have no doubt that he was a mass murderer. One of the men whom he wanted to kill (but killed his father instead) is still alive. Bhutto tried to kill the actor Mohammed Ali as well as a retired judge (Shakil Rizvi) because they were both Shias and he wanted the Sunnis to be blamed for their murders. He arranged massive rigging of the 1977 elections (for which he was ultimately dethroned). The man was also a fool. After being removed from power, he told Zia that he would have him killed for deposing him. Any other man would have compromised with circumstances. He, of course, thought he was immensely popular with the masses, so no one would dare execute him. In fact, to the very end, he believed that his trial and death sentence was a drama to make him beg for mercy. No one came out in his support when he was in jail, nor were there any demonstrations when he was hanged.