January 26th, 2010 by Shakir Lakhani

Indians and Pakistanis have been rivals ever since partition in 1947. By Indian of course I mean the North Indian Hindu who reacts to all Pakistanis as if they’re collectively responsible for all the rapes which have taken place in India since time began. South Indian Hindus are definitely more cultured and civilized than their northern counterparts. I don’t know the reason for this, although I believe they are the original inhabitants of the subcontinent.

If it hadn’t been for the waves of Aryan (and later Muslim) invasions from Central Asia, the demographics of the region would have been different. Pakistanis (being almost entirely Muslim) are hostile towards Indian Hindus because the latter are responsible for most of the problems they face. It all started with the invasion of Kashmir, Junagadh and Hyderabad. The ruler of Junagadh wanted to join Pakistan, while the ruler of Hyderabad (a country the size of France) wanted independence from India. In Kashmir, the Hindu ruler wanted independence, but seeing that the people wanted to join Pakistan, he invited India to save his skin (later it turned out that he signed the instrument of accession to India after Indian forces entered his palace).

Since these historical blunders by India (which has never really accepted the reality of Pakistan), there has been no peace in the subcontinent. In 1971, India invaded East Pakistan and succeeded in dismembering the country. In this, of course, India was ably assisted by the late Z. A. Bhutto, who later nationalized industry and education, and is today thought by many in Pakistan to have been an Indian agent. Both Pakistanis and Indians now regard each other as arch-villains and it will take decades (if ever) for them to live like good neighbours.