It seems that Muslims are not the only ones who kill to save the honor of their families. In Pakistan’s rural areas, one hears daily about boys and girls falling in love and fleeing their home towns after marrying in court to escape being killed. But invariably they are traced by their relatives and shot dead. But in India (”shining” India, remember?), the situation is the same.

According to the Los Angeles Times, a man was killed after he married the girl of his choice. It appears that their customs don’t allow marriages between members of the same caste (surprisingly, since in Pakistan, such couples are killed if they don’t belong to the same caste or “biradari”).

One wonders why this kind of thing is happening in the twenty-first century, and how long it will take India to join the group of civilized nations. But I suppose the Indian elite is too preoccupied with getting super-power status rather than attending to problems like illiteracy and poverty.