According to a news item in DAWN (30th June), someone named Aslam Jinnah claiming to be Mr. Jinnah’s great grandson said that he is satisfied with the facilities and help provided to him by the government. I wonder why the government employs nincompoops who don’t even know the meaning of “great grandson” (leave alone “grandson”). The Quaid had only one child (Dina Wadia) whose son Nusli Wadia (the only grandson of Mr. Jinnah) lives in India. So the Quaid’s great grandson would be Mr. Wadia’s son and would bear the surname “Wadia” instead of “Jinnah”. Yet without asking the so-called great grandson (Aslam Jinnah) to prove his credentials, the government has provided him with a house, a car and Rs. 50,000 per month of public money. The bureaucrats who approved these payments and facilities should be made to pay for them from their own pockets. This is the only way they will learn to be careful if in future someone with the surname “Jinnah” turns up in Islamabad and asks for financial help.

DAWN, 2 July 2009