When I see so much corruption and lack of accountability in Pakistan, I can’t help thinking that handing over the country to the Taliban is the only solution to the problem. Unfortunately, the Taliban made a mess of Afghanistan, and ended up in Pakistan. So either we surrender to them, or fight them to the bitter end. It’s going to be a long, drawn-out war, but we’ll have to sacrifice many lives if we want to win. I know that what I suggest is very unpalatable, but it will have to be done. We’ll have to ask the government where our tax money goes. Why is it that in the U.A.E. (population five and a half million, or one third that of Karachi), there is no law and order problem? Obviously, it’s because there is no corruption there. If we find that the taxes we pay are going into Swiss bank accounts, we have every right to refuse to pay taxes. The question is, who will carry out the accountability? In a country were judges are appointed on the basis of their political ties, it is not possible to expect justice. And if the Taliban do succeed in capturing power, it will be our fault. Before that happens, we have to speak out and be counted.