Shakir Lakhani says:
March 28th, 2009 at 13:13
So why should be surprised? The whole country is going to the dogs. Power breakdowns occur five times daily where I live, but where I work (just a ten minute walk from my house), there has been no power outage for almost a year. Imagine, 24-hours continuous electricity 365 days a year! Why? Because for my office building (and a couple more in the neighbourhood), electricity is provided from a line which has been laid specially for Bilawal House. Naturally, even though Bilawal House is empty most of the year, KESC has to ensure that it gets continuous power, otherwise the servants of the president will complain to him, and someone in the KESC will lose his job. So, if the laws can be broken for the president, who are we to complain if public property is encroached upon and we’re unable to walk on the sidewalks and can be injured or killed if we walk in the middle of the road? In a civilized country, if a man is injured or killed because of the negligence of the civic authorities, the government can be sued. Removal of encroachments is the job of the mayor, but can any citizen even think of suing him for negligence? blog