They tried everything to ensure that he would lose. There was, of course, the damning fact that his father had been a Muslim. They reminded people again and again that his middle name (Hussein) was the same as that of Saddam Hussein, whom they had earlier hanged. And then, of course, he was black. They picked up Joe the Plumber (a Jew) who said that Obama’s win would mean the death of Israel. Nothing worked. Barack (from “Mubarak”, meaning blessed) Hussein Obama, will be the president of the world’s sole superpower for the next four years, assuming of course that no one bumps him off (as feared by Gore Vidal, the well-known American writer).

But if Muslims (particularly Pakistanis) think that U.S. policies will change in their favour, they are in for a nasty surprise. Bush of course was favoured by Al-Qaeda, because they knew he was stupid. But Obama is not suddenly going to stop bombing FATA in Pakistan, nor will he start giving Muslim countries billions of dollars (since the U.S. economy is in deep recession, thanks to Bush’s policies). But at least there is poetic justice here. Bush got one Hussein killed, only to find himself replaced by another. This is, indeed, poetic justice!