October 9th, 2008 by Shakir Lakhani
If Pakistan goes to war with United States of America
1. Rupees four hundred will be needed to buy a dollar on the very first day of the war.
2. All our aircraft will be grounded within a week (if we are able to fight that long).
3. We’ll have no money to import petroleum or even vegetable oil.
4. Prices of food will soar by five hundred percent within three days.
5. Traveling to foreign countries will be very difficult, if not impossible.
6. Since all of us will have to eat grass, there will be a serious grass shortage within a month.
7. Owing to a serious shortage of fuel, no one will be able to drive cars or buses, resulting in a pollution-free environment (after the smoke from the bombing has cleared).
8. Thirty percent of Pakistanis will die due to diseases resulting from hunger and drinking contaminated water.
9. Nine out of ten mullahs will head for Afghanistan on foot. The rest will be too sick to walk.