Sir: According to a news item, the Central Board of Revenue has finally decided to do something about under invoicing and mis-declaration in the next budget. Of course, this should have been done long ago, but better late than never. However, why is nothing being done to curb smuggling, which is the real menace to the country? Is it because smuggling, along with drug trafficking, is the main activity in the two troubled provinces where fundamentalists dominate everyone? Or is it because smugglers have friends and relatives in high places? If the authorities really want to know how much smugglers are earning, they should go to Karkhano Bazaar outside Peshawar where millions of rupees worth of smuggled items are sold every day in 25000 shops. And despite this clear evidence, if they are still reluctant to do anything about smuggling, it is suggested that they should exempt local manufacturers from custom duty and sales tax, so that thousands of industries are saved from closure.