I suppose it'll always be a mystery. I mean, our judges bend over backward every time they hear cases against the psychopath. There was that chief justice who got up when Imran Khan appeared before him and said, "Good to see you". Later, it transpired that he did whatever his mother-in-law told him to do, and since most Punjabi ladies believe that Imran Khan is a kind of modern prophet or spiritual leader, Imran Khan gets bail in every case and will probably be acquitted in all of them.

The other day, it was Chief Justice Qazi Faez Issa, of all people, who advised the narcissist to go back to parliament. For God's sake, the lunatic has always displayed supreme contempt for the national assembly and attended its sessions only a few of times when he was in power. He even said, "Curse be upon this assembly" once. So, instead of doing the job he's paid to do, the Chief Justice said something no judge would ever say to a convict. "Let him spend the next ten years in jail, Your Honor", I would've said to him had I been there. 

As for that other judge Athar Minallah, the less said the better. He is reportedly Imran Khan's friend and will always favor him.