I've always wondered why it takes so long for elections to be conducted in India. In Pakistan and other countries like the US, results are known within twenty four hours. Due to India's size, it shouldn't take more than three days to hold elections. But fifty days? You can't help thinking that the recent elections were rigged in favor of Mod's party, which should have lost by a much bigger margin.

Now that Modi's party doesn't have an absolute majority, it will have to share power with other parties, who will demand a greater share and that of course will irk Modi (who is a dictator at heart). I expect that his party will not be able to govern as effectively as it did for the past ten years. Maybe Modi will be replaced by someone else, or fresh elections will have to be held within two years.

At least Muslims and other minorities will benefit. Modi was determined to demonize Muslims and Christians, who will now be much better off. Let's hope India reverts to being the secular republic it was under previous governments.