For the past seven days, there was nothing else to talk about except the impending cricket match between India and Pakistan. All TV news channels interviewed ex-cricketers about what they thought the Pakistan team should do to win, even though they had recently lost a match against the United States team. That should have been enough to convince anyone that the Pakistan team was much weaker than almost all other teams. In fact, I think they'll be lucky if they win even against Canada.

But what really gets my goat is the way most men and women in Pakistan talk about the game as if they're experts. Girls as young as twelve advise the team to bat, bowl and field well if they want to win. Bearded men of sixty and above were confident that Pakistan would win. There were others who said they were praying fervently for the home team.

What's the big deal? It's only a game, for God's sake. As expected, Pakistan lost because the Indian team is a much better team. But now that they have lost, for the next seven days our TV channels will have male and female "experts" aged ten and above giving their views on why they lost and what they should have done to win. It really makes me sick.