Whenever something like this happens, people are bound to assume that it was not an accident but caused by enemy agents. Even though thirty six years have elapsed after Zia died in an air crash, we don't really know who did it. We do know that it was sabotage. When it happened, an American expert immediately said, "It was done by the Soviets". Even Eric Margolis has written twice that it was executed by the Russians, yet if you ask any Pakistani, he will say it was the Americans who killed Zia. They can't explain why the Americans would kill two of their own (one of them a Jew) along with Zia.

The recent helicopter crash in which the Iranian president was killed (together with his foreign minister and others) raises many questions, the first of which is that there were three helicopters yet only his copter crashed due to bad weather. Obviously, the president's helicopter would have been the most advanced and the most guarded, so why only this one crashed? Secondly, everyone knows that Azerbaijan is closely allied with Israel, so isn't it possible that the Jewish state targeted him? It may be a long time before we'll know, if at all.