For every Muslim woman, particularly if she's a Pakistani, it's an ordeal just to survive. Every where she goes, she's regarded as morally corrupt, especially if she's not fully covered. In most parts of the country, she can't go out of her house unless it's an emergency, and even then she has to be accompanied by a close male adult relative. She may be on the verge of death while in the final stages of pregnancy, but no, she can't be taken to the hospital unless there's a male like her husband or brother or uncle to go with her. If she's raped, it has to be in the presence of four male witnesses, otherwise no one will believe her. If she wants a divorce, it is immediately assumed that she has a lover, so she's killed. If she breaks off an engagement, both she and her new fiancĂ©e (or husband) are hunted down and shot dead.

Now it turns out that if she's divorced and re-marries and survives, her Identity Card has to mention her former husband's name as her spouse. This means, of course, that getting her new ID card will require her ex-husband's permission. One wonders where all this will end.