The riots by locals targeting all brown students in Kyrgyzstan revealed that besides Egyptian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi students, there are many from India in that country. Why? One can understand that Pakistanis can't study in their home countries, due to lack of medical and other universities and the high cost. But Indians at least have enough opportunities to study in their home country, if the "shining India" image propagated by Modi is true. But then, everyone knows that India is a desperately poor country where more than half the population lives below the poverty line.

It's still not clear what really provoked the locals to attacks on the foreign students. One report says that locals tried to rape an Egyptian girl student, which led to retaliation and from there, the riots spread. Many students have returned, an have spoken of the harsh conditions there. It seems that local police were not able to save the foreigners from being targeted. Whatever happened, I hope Pakistanis at least will not send their children to Kyrgyzstan (or any other third world country).