Imran Khan's supporters are up in arms protesting against the apex court's decision to uphold the Election Commission's decision not to award his party the use of the symbol "bat" in next month's elections. Thanks to the publicity generated in this case, we know how Imran Khan ran his government for almost four years. The way his party's elections were conducted prove that the man always considered himself above the law.

One should ask Imran's supporters: why did they enthusiastically support the disqualification of his rivals five years back? The Chief Justice in those days (Saqib Nisar) was openly biased against Nawaz Sharif and disqualified him on flimsy grounds to help Imran Khan win the 2018 elections. 

There are those who say the Chief Justice took revenge from Imran Khan for the treatment he received when Imran ran the government. CJ Qazi Faez Issa was hounded (along with his wife) for months but he chose to fight back instead of resigning. Imran Khan himself regretted doing it later (when his government was overthrown).

Imran's cronies will now contest the election as independent candidates.Those who manage to get elected will have the choice to either join their parent party or support the party that gets to form the government. Knowing that there is plenty of evidence that they are tainted and corrupt, the Establishment will make them toe the line. It will be a very long time before Imran Khan becomes relevant again.