As if Pakistan didn't have enough problems of its own, it now faces a dangerous stand-off with Iran. Yesterday Iran attacked what it called militant bases in Panjgur, resulting in two children being killed.

Iran would have been well-advised to warn Pakistan first before escalating matters. Perhaps it did, and our inefficient government ignored the warnings.

Unfortunately for Pakistan, India could take advantage of the situation to justify attacks on Pakistan. And Pakistan itself will now be on a weak wicket when it asks Afghanistan to rein in militants on its territory who are creating mayhem in Pakistan. 

Unfortunately Pakistan has responded in such a way that relations will be further strained. The matter should have been kept under wraps, but Pakistani bureaucrats have a very high opinion of themselves. Let's hope it doesn't get worse.

Of course some people will say that Iran is unhappy with Pakistan because of our special relations with Saudi Arabia. The problem is, we have no choice. Iran being under sanctions, we can't be its ally, while Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries provide us with loans to prevent us from defaulting.