Imran Khan has done a lot of damage to Pakistan, but the one which has affected us most is that most Pakistanis have turned into conspiracy theorists. Every Pakistani has his own version of almost every event that happens in the country. From General Zia's killing to Benazir's assassination, our people have their own explanations. The recent tension between Iran and Pakistan also has tongues wagging. So I have formulated my own conspiracy theory about why Iran crossed the red line and Pakistan was compelled to retaliate.

It's due to Imran Khan's close relations with Iran. He once openly claimed that Pakistan is sheltering militants to disrupt life in Iran, which is why Iranian leaders are so fond of him. One day before the Iranian attack, Imran Khan's chosen chairman of his party (Barrister Ali Gohar) was seen hobnobbing with Shias in Islamabad. Apparently he advised them to kill the militants in Islamabad, assuring them that Pakistan would not respond.

Perhaps Iran wants Imran Khan back in power in Pakistan, because he claims that it was the Americans who got him ousted from power. Iran knows that Imran Khan is crazy and will break off diplomatic relations with the US if he's restored as prime minister of the country. Perhaps Imran Khan's wife will ask him to drop a couple of nuclear bombs on US cities.

Of course, none of the above is true, but what's the harm? If others can make conspiracy theories, why can't I?