With the denial of the "bat" symbol to PTI, it's almost certain that support of independents (mostly PTI candidates) will be crucial for the party forming the next government. Even though most people are convinced that Nawaz Sharif will manage to become the next prime minister, I believe Bilawal Bhutto is more likely to form the next government.

The Establishment (army) knows that Nawaz Sharif is not the malleable type. He will definitely try to avenge his ouster and rigging of the 2018 elections to get Imran Khan elected. Bilawal has never been subjected to that kind of treatment so far. 

Another reason is that the independents (PTI candidates) will demand a heavy payment to support whoever gets to form the next government. They have each reportedly paid a princely amount (Rs. 40 million) to Imran Khan's sister Aleema Khan to get party tickets. At the moment, it looks like only PPP (Bilawal's party) has that kind of money, unless PTI is somehow restored and the candidates go back to their parent party.

Since everyone knows that our politicians are helpless and can do only what the army tells them to do, I don't see why I should waste precious petrol and time on driving to the polling booth to vote. I didn't get to vote the last time as I was in the UK. In 2013 I had to drive sixteen kilometers to vote. I'm not going to make the same mistake again.