We've seen it so many times: just before elections, all politicians make tall promises. This time, Bilawal leads with probably the most outrageous promises to voters. He claims he will build millions of homes, double their salaries and give 300 units of electricity free of charge. Not to be left behind, Nawaz Sharif's party and even the Jamat-e-Islami are making such promises.

It all started with Bilawal's grandfather (Z. A. Bhutto). He coined the term "Roti Kapra Makan" (food, clothes and house), promising his supporters they would get all three if elected. After his party did get elected, one of our maids told my mother, "Now we'll live in your house, and you will have to live in our hut". Of course it didn't happen, and Bhutto paid the ultimate penalty for being a shameless liar.

It happened again in 2018. Imran Khan promised to build fifty million houses, a billion trees and millions of jobs. As we know, he failed, and the billions of trees he had promised are nowhere to be seen, in fact, the trees that were there have disappeared.

At least Nawaz Sharif talks sense when he says it'll take a lot of time and patience before the country is put back on track.