Two Supreme Court judges who favored Imran Khan have resigned. There are others, most notably in the Peshawer High Court. All of Imran Khan's cases in the apex court were heard only by three judges, one of them being the then Chief Justice Bandial. Their partiality towards Imran was so obvious that even Pakistan's truck drivers suspected that Imran Khan had them in his pocket.

Mazahir Naqvi made the mistake of challenging his accusers, not realizing that there was sufficient evidence to convict him ten times. His supporter, Justice Ijazul Ahsan, seeing that he too would be convicted, chose to resign, even though he would have been the next chief justice. He now gets to retain all the perks and benefits after his retirement (including a pension of a million rupees a month). Of course, he should be investigated by the authorities to determine whether he too has illegally earned wealth.

Not only these two, the authorities should investigate all the judges (including the retired ones) who blatantly violated the Constitution to get Imran Khan elected and retain power. The last Chief Justice even re-wrote the Constitution so Imran Khan's ally Parvez Elahi could remain Punjab's Chief Minister. Only a thorough inquiry and punishment will ensure that judges in future don't violate the Constitution.