For the past two months share prices have risen dramatically. The Pakistan Stock Exchange has become the best performing one in the region, if not the world. Imran Khan's followers are puzzled, as they don't see any improvement in the country's affairs. Inflation is still high and prices of all edible items are going up.

An ardent follower of Imran Khan blamed Memons for deliberately manipulating the prices of shares. Although speculators do manage to do this, it's only for a short period. The continued bull run for almost three months means that there is another reason.

One possible reason is that investors now realize that there is no danger of Imran Khan staging a come-back. The riots of May 9 were the direct result of Imran Khan and his followers believing that the army fully supported Imran Khan and would stage a coup to restore him to power. Investors were dreadfully scared that once Imran Khan returned to power, the country would again plunge into chaos. Now that it's clear that Imran Khan is not as popular as he's perceived to be by his followers, and that the thousands who attended his rallies will never come out on the streets in his support, investors have become confident that political stability is here to stay.