I've always known that Imran Khan needs urgent psychiatric treatment, and I used to say so even when he was campaigning to get elected in 2018. He's been in jail now for four months, so it was only to be expected that his mental health would deteriorate. And there are signs that it has.

He's being tried under the Official Secrets Act for displaying and revealing the contents of a confidential diplomatic memo (cypher) in public. At that time he'd said that the US planned and got him removed as prime minister. Later he said that the then Army chief (Bajwa) did so. Now he's asked that the American ambassador as well as Bajwa should both be called as witnesses in the case against him, despite the fact that inquiries revealed that there was no conspiracy to remove him. 

But the most compelling evidence of his mental deterioration is his claim that he never saw the face of his current wife (Bushra) before he married her. There are many witnesses who've come forward to say that he used to visit her even before she was divorced by her then husband, and that she used to go to Imran's house before she married him. Among the claimants are her ex-husband, a former associate (Aun Choudhry) as well as a former domestic servant who says both Imran and his future wife would spend hours alone in the bedroom. He even says he opened the bedroom door and was given a tongue-lashing by both Imran and Bushra (who, one assumes, were not playing chess or ludo at the time).

We should thank the Almighty that we're rid of this lunatic who might even have dropped a nuclear bomb on Karachi if his wife had ordered him to do so.