Most Muslims in the US appear to have made up their minds not to vote for Biden next year. I doubt if it'll make a difference if they vote for the Republican candidate, who could be Trump. The fact is, most American leaders support Israel, and they know that if they criticize the Zionist state, they will have to quit politics.

It will always be a mystery, this blind support for Zionists. Even books printed up to fifty years ago were filled with hatred for Jews. I remember an Alabama politician saying, "We'll teach those crooked  Jewish lawyers in New York a lesson" or words to that effect. In Edgar Wallace's books, Jews were mentioned in a bad light. In one story, a character said, "I didn't know Jews had a country". In another one, there is Jewish lawyer named Solomon who tries to get his son married to a rich Christian heiress. The only Americans who don't like Jews today are the Nazis and white supremacists (who also hate Muslims). 

Jews have also been called Christ-killers in the past. Of course, these Zionists (Netanyahoo and his cronies) are Jewish extremists who should be recognized for what they are: mass murderers. But it will be a long time before Americans realize this.