I've noticed that most Pakistanis living in western countries (like the US and the UK) believe that Imran Khan is still popular in the country. Yesterday one of them on a visit to Pakistan said that the day is not far off when Imran Khan's followers will come out on the streets and stage a revolution. I asked him, "Imran Khan has been under arrest for more than four months now, why haven't his lovers revolted so far?"

I'm reminded of another so-called popular leader (Z. A. Bhutto). He was arrested, tried for murder and executed, and there was not a single demonstration in the entire country. I'm sure no one will come out on the streets if something similar were to happen to Imran Khan. 

The fact is, Imran Khan is popular only among the privileged elite of the country. One would think from what one sees on the social media that the country can be saved from disintegration only if he is restored as prime minister. In fact, an ardent follower of his said the other day that Pakistan is on the verge of breaking up due to Imran Khan being under arrest. I simply can't understand how a crook like Imran Khan has managed to dupe so many people into liking him. By now, everyone in the country should be convinced that he is a nincompoop who is not mentally stable.