I didn't really expect to live so long when I got married fifty years ago. I also thought my marriage wouldn't last more than five years as I was bad-tempered and not easy to get along with. But here I am, not as healthy as I used to be but still in reasonably good shape.

I had a good job at the time. The problem was, I was too impetuous. I used to quarrel regularly with my superiors. They knew I was good at my job, so I would be sent out of town for extended periods even though there were others who could have done the job. But one day, when my first child (a son) was only seventeen days old, they sent me to Lahore for what they said wouldn't be more than a week. But when the Lahore work was done (it took more than a month), they told me to go to Multan (where it took another week). When I returned, I was exhausted and decided to leave the job. 

I started my own contracting business and in the first few years it was tough. I also took up teaching part-time to supplement my income. Then I bought a salt works where I spent thirteen years. In 1991, I entered the printing field where I've spent a good thirty two years. 

I'm 79 now, and the other day I was at the annual club dinner where I met people of my age who are in much worse shape than I am (both physically and mentally). So I suppose I've been lucky.