There was a time when only middle class Pakistanis (usually those who were of the salaried class) saved money so they could settle abroad in English-speaking countries like the UK or the US. They would speak in English with their children from a very early age. In fact, a couple I know started speaking English with each other when the wife became pregnant. I would always be amused when I saw such people talk with their children and I would advise them to make their children learn their mother tongue also. A female cousin of mine settled in the US used to talk to her children in English, which was funny, as they would learn English easily in school or by interacting with other children.

Today I heard a rich Pakistani woman neighbor of mine yelling at her infant child in English. The kid is probably a year old and not yet able to talk in any language. She and her husband are probably among the five percent wealthiest Pakistanis and there is no reason why they should leave the country and live in the West. A forty-year old relative of mine, a billionaire, once said, "There is no use living in Pakistan, no opportunities here. I pointed out to him that he has earned his billions in just fifteen years, something he wouldn't have been able to do if he'd lived abroad. It didn't have any effect on him. It's a pity, really. He can use his wealth to set up factories and create jobs for many poor people, but no, he would rather spend his billions to buy property abroad and pay taxes there instead of living in Pakistan.