A couple of days back a Supreme Court judge (Athar Minallah) called Imran Khan "masoom" (innocent). I wasn't surprised. It's well-known how much damage Imran Khan has done to the country's judiciary. I won't say that the judges are corrupt, but of one thing I'm sure: some of them are influenced by their wives and daughters, who think Imran Khan is some kind of a modern prophet.

To return to the word "masoom": Imran Khan is anything but that. He frequently threatened anyone who opposed him, including those in the media as well as a female judge. He disrupted the country many times, the last time on May 9, 2022, when his supporters attacked many army installations. This alone could have got him sentenced to life imprisonment (if not the death penalty).

He transferred the ISI chief when the latter told him about the blatant looting of the country by his wife and cronies. Surely an "innocent" man would never have done such a thing? 

I'm sure he's perfectly capable of dismembering the country if he's allowed to contest and loses by a narrow margin. We've seen this happening in 1971, we can't afford to take such a risk again.

Imran Khan should get what he deserves, but with the judiciary openly favoring him, I doubt if he'll be punished for his many crimes.